Complaints – Singapore property for sale

Complaints – Singapore property for sale

49.—(1) Any complaint of the conduct of a licensed estate agent or registered salesperson may in the first place be made to the Executive Director who shall refer the complaint to the Council. Singapore property for sale.

(2) The Executive Director may on his own motion refer any information concerning the conduct of a licensee or salesperson to the Council. 

(3) The Council may require any complaint or class of complaints to be supported by such statutory declaration as the Council may require, except that no statutory declaration shall be required if the complaint is made by any public officer. Singapore property for sale.

(4) After receiving any complaint or information under subsection (1) or (2), the Council may, if it is of the opinion that there is a sufficient case for investigation, refer the matter for investigation under section 50.

(5) The Council shall consider any report or recommendations submitted under section 50(3) and may refer the matter or report back to the inspector for further consideration or investigation as it may consider necessary or desirable.

(6) The Council may, after considering the report and recommendations submitted under section 50(3), refer the matter to a Disciplinary Committee. Singapore property for sale.

(7) Where the Council does not refer the matter to a Disciplinary Committee, it may, where appropriate, issue a letter of advice to the licensee or salesperson.

(8) No notice or information of any letter issued under subsection (7) may be entered or included in the register.

Investigations – Singapore property for sale

50.—(1) The Council or a person authorised by the Council, may appoint one or more inspectors to conduct an investigation into any complaint made or information received under section 49. Singapore property for sale.

(2) Where any matter is investigated under subsection (1), the person in relation to whom the complaint has been made shall, for the purposes of this Act, be referred to as “person under investigation”.

(3) On completion of investigation, the inspector shall submit a report and make recommendations to the Council as to whether the exercise of powers under section 52 should be considered. Singapore property for sale.

(4) Subject to subsection (5) and except in the performance of a function under this section, the inspector, the Council, a Disciplinary Committee and any person who assists in the performance of a function under this section shall maintain confidentiality in respect of all matters and information produced or given or otherwise furnished
for the purposes of an investigation under this section.

(5) Nothing in subsection (4) shall prevent the disclosure of information —
(a) with a view to the institution or otherwise for the purposes of any criminal proceedings or any investigation in connection therewith, whether under this Act or otherwise, in Singapore;
(b) in connection with any civil proceedings to which the Council is a party; or
(c) in connection with the exercise of any power under this Part.

Source: Estate Agents Act (EAA)

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