Appeals to Appeals Board – Singapore property for rent

Appeals to Appeals Board – Singapore property for rent

59.—(1) Any person who is aggrieved by a decision of the Council or a Disciplinary Committee under this Act may lodge an appeal against the decision to the Appeals Board. Singapore property for rent.

(2) Every appeal under subsection (1) shall be lodged within such time, and in such form and manner as may be provided by rules made under section 62. 

(3) Subject to subsection (4), the lodging of an appeal under subsection (1) shall not suspend the effect of the decision to which the appeal relates.

(4) Where the Council or a Disciplinary Committee has made an order revoking or suspending a licence or registration and the licensee or salesperson concerned gives due notice of appeal to the Appeals Board under this section, the order that is appealed against shall be stayed pending the determination of the appeal unless the Appeals
Board, on the application of the Council, orders otherwise. Singapore property for rent.

(5) The Appeals Board may —
(a) confirm, set aside or modify the decision to which the appeal relates;
(b) give such directions in such manner as the Appeals Board thinks fit, including a direction to the Council to review the decision to which the appeal relates; or
(c) make such orders, if any, as it thinks fit, with regard to the payment of costs,
and the decision of the Appeals Board shall be final.

(6) The decision of the Appeals Board shall be communicated to the licensee or salesperson in person, or in writing by the secretary to the Appeals Board. Singapore property for rent.

(7) Unless otherwise ordered, an order of the Appeals Board shall take effect immediately upon pronouncement.

Representation before Appeals Board

60.—(1) A party to proceedings before the Appeals Board may be represented by a solicitor, who may examine witnesses and address the Appeals Board on behalf of the party.

(2) In proceedings before the Appeals Board, the Council may be represented by a solicitor or an officer or employee of the Council.

Source: Estate Agents Act (EAA)

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