Disciplinary Panel and Disciplinary Committee – Singapore property for rent

Disciplinary Panel and Disciplinary Committee – Singapore property for rent

51.—(1) The Council may, from time to time, appoint a Disciplinary Panel of not more than 20 members. Singapore property for rent.

(2) The Council shall, from members of the Disciplinary Panel who are also members of the Council, appoint a Head of the Disciplinary Panel. 

(3) The Council may, at any time, revoke the appointment of any member of the Disciplinary Panel, or fill any vacancy in the Disciplinary Panel.

(4) The Head of the Disciplinary Panel may, from time to time, appoint Disciplinary Committees from members of the Disciplinary Panel, to formally inquire into any matter referred to a Disciplinary Committee under section 49.

(5) A Disciplinary Committee shall comprise not less than 3 members. Singapore property for rent.

(6) A Disciplinary Committee may be appointed in connection with one or more matters or for a fixed period of time, as the Head of the Disciplinary Panel thinks fit.

(7) Any inspector or person who participates in the investigation of any matter shall not be a member of a Disciplinary Committee inquiring into the same matter.

(8) The Head of the Disciplinary Panel shall appoint a member of a Disciplinary Committee to be the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.

(9) The Head of the Disciplinary Panel may, at any time, revoke the appointment of any Disciplinary Committee or any member thereof, or fill any vacancy in a Disciplinary Committee. Singapore property for rent.

(10) No act done by or under the authority of the Council or a Disciplinary Committee shall be invalid in consequence of any defect that is subsequently discovered in the appointment or qualification of the members or any of them.

(11) A member of a Disciplinary Committee shall, notwithstanding that he has ceased to be a member of the Council or Disciplinary Panel on the expiry of his term of office, continue to be a member of the Disciplinary Committee until such time the Disciplinary Committee
has completed its work.

Source: Estate Agents Act (EAA)

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