Landed housing types – Property for sale Singapore

Landed housing types – Property for sale Singapore

There are 58 designated Landed Housing Areas. The different housing types in the 58 designated Landed Housing Areas are – property for sale Singapore:

  • Good Class Bungalow (GCB)
  • Detached
  • Semi-Detached
  • Terrace
  • Town house
  • Cluster house

Good Class Bungalows

Good Class Bungalows (GCB) can only be found in the 39 Good Class Bungalow Areas (GCBA) in Singapore. Each house stands within its own boundary without common building walls with neighbours. property for sale Singapore

The minimum plot of each house size must be at least 1,400 sq m or 15,059.6 sq ft with the storey height limit not more than 2-storey. The land cannot be developed into other housing types. The Sub-division of Good Class Bungalows (GCB) land is acceptable only if the remaining and resultant plot sizes are of minimum Good Class Bungalows (GCB) size. The max site coverage is 40%.  property for sale Singapore

The 39 Good Class Bungalow Areas in Singapore

The 39 Good Class Bungalow Areas (GCBA) in Singapore are as follows:

1.   BelmontPark 14.  CornwallGardens 27.  LeedonPark
2.   BinTongPark 15.  Dalvey Estate 28.  Maryland Estate
3.   BinjaiPark 16.  Eng Neo Avenue 29.  Nassim Road
4.   BrizayPark 17.  EwartPark 30.  OeiTiongHam  Park
5.   Bukit Sedap 18.  First /Third Avenue 31.  Queen Astrid Park
6.   Bukit Tunggal 19.  Ford Avenue 32.  RafflesPark
7.   Caldecott   Hill Estate 20.  Fourth /Sixth Ave 33.  Rebecca Park
8.   CamdenPark 21.  Gallop / Woollerton 34.  RidleyPark
9.   ChatsworthPark 22.  Garlick Avenue 35.  RidoutPark
10. Chee Hoon Avenue 23.  HollandPark 36.  Swiss Club Road
11. Chestnut Avenue 24.  HollandRise 37.  Victoria Park
12. Cluny Hill 25.  Kilburn Estate 38.  WhiteHousePark
13. ClunyPark 26.  KingAlbertPark 39.  WindsorPark

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