Interpretation of Key Executive Officer – Singapore property for rent

Interpretation of Key Executive Officer – Singapore property for rent

“key executive officer” means the person who is required to be appointed by an estate agent under section 38.
“lease” includes a sub‑lease, tenancy and sub‑tenancy and an agreement for a lease where a party to the agreement is entitled to have a lease granted.
“licence” means an estate agent’s licence, and includes a provisional licence, and “licensee” shall be construed accordingly. 
“licensed estate agent” means a person who is the holder of an estate agent’s licence.
“moneylender’s licence” means a moneylender’s licence under the Moneylenders Act (Cap. 188).
“partner” includes a partner of a limited liability partnership, a general partner of a limited partnership and a limited partner of a limited partnership.
“partnership” includes a limited liability partnership registered under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act (Cap. 163A) and a limited partnership registered under the Limited
Partnerships Act (Cap. 163B).
“person who is responsible for the management”, in relation to a person or business, includes every director, manager, partner, officer, individual, secretary, agent or employee at any time charged either solely or to a substantial extent with the management of the person or business. Singapore property for rent.
“prescribed” means prescribed by the Council by regulations made under this Act.
“President” means the President of the Council and includes any person acting as the President. Singapore property for rent.
“property” means an interest in land, whether situated in Singapore or elsewhere, that is recognised as such by law, and includes any building or part thereof (whether completed,
being constructed or to be constructed), and a future interest in land.
“public accountant” has the meaning assigned to it in the Accountants Act (Cap. 2).
“purchaser” means any person to whom a property is or is to be disposed of, and includes a prospective tenant.
“register” means the register established and maintained by the Council under section 36.
“registered salesperson” means a person who is registered as a salesperson under section 34. Singapore property for rent.
“registration”, except where the context otherwise requires, means registration as a salesperson under section 34.
“salesperson” means an individual who in the course of his employment or engagement (whether under a contract of service or contract for service) by, or as a director or limited
liability partner of, an estate agent does estate agency work.
“solicitor” means an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore with a practising certificate in force. Singapore property for rent.
“tenant” includes a sub‑tenant.
“vendor” means any person by whom a property is or is to be disposed of, and includes a prospective landlord.
“Vice-Chairman” means a Vice-Chairman of the Appeals Board and any person acting as a Vice-Chairman.

Source: Estate Agents Act (EAA)

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